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The Fall Arts Festival is sponsored by the Mark West Education Foundation, which was established to provide music, art and dance instruction for the students in Mark West Union School district in Santa Rosa, CA.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and the Fall Arts Festival is our primary source of funding for the school year.  For this event  we provide live music from a local band, live performances from our students, food, beer and wine, kids activities, silent auctions and raffles.  


This will be our fourth year for the festival, and we are again including an art show to showcase our local artistic talent. The Fall Arts Festival strives to inspire a creative community, create community awareness of the arts and communicate the value and joy that art brings to the community.   The Art Show goes hand in hand with our other activities to provide a wide range of features to provide to the community, and give the public more value from our Festival.  Each year our attendance grows, and we expect to grow even more this year after last year's successful Art Show.  We are looking for established and emerging artists of all mediums to make this a vibrant and exciting show.



The Fall Arts Festival will take place on Saturday, October 17th, at the Cardinal Newman High School Quad area.  The art show will take place in the grass area.  Each artist will be provided with a designated 10’ x 10’ area in the grass.  Each artist is responsible for providing their own displays, tables, chairs, equipment, canopies, etc. that are needed to showcase their art. Electricity will not be available.  Each artist may show as many pieces of work that can safely be displayed within their 10’ x 10’ area.  Their are no restrictions on what display materials you use, as long as it fits entirely within your area.  A tent is strongly recommended.  We suggest creative thinking and use of materials to display your work, but please, keep your display clean, safe and professional.


All work must be of the artist’ original concept, design, and creation.  No items may be displayed which are deemed “innapropriate” or which do not meet the common definition of “handcrafted” or “artwork” as interpreted by the Coordinator of the Art Show.  Each artist is responsible for the setup and takedown of their display.  All booth items and displays must remain within the confines of the assigned space, unless special permission is obtained.  The Festival is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to artwork, display equipment or personal injury.



(Entry Fees are non-refundable)

Single Booth Space (10’x10’): $50

Two artists sharing a Single Booth Space (10’x10’): $75

Double Booth Space (10’x20’): $100


Booth spaces will be assigned in order of registrations received.  Artists may request a booth location (e.g.: corner, or next to a specific artist).  Every effort will be made to accomodate requests.  Determination of final booth locations is at the discretion of Festival management and cannot be guaranteed.  Each applicant will be informed of their space by email prior to the show. There will also be a booth at the show to help artists with any questions, but we can not assist with the setup, installation, or take down of your booth.



October 3 -  Deadline for Registration Submittal

October 10 -  Deadline for Check Submittal to be received

October 12 -  Booth locations will be emailed out to artists

October 17 -  Day of Show

  • 7:30am to 10:30am - Booth setup by Artists

  • 11am to 3pm - Fall Arts Festival Open

  • 3pm to 5pm - Booth Removal and clean-up


If displaying and selling your art in an outdoor, festival atmosphere sounds like a great idea, submit your application right away. Booth spaces are limited, and you won't find a better price or atmosphere to diplay your work anywhere else.  We do not charge a commission for your sales.


If you have further questions, email with your questions.


Those registering to participate in the show will be asked to provide two to three photos of their work, or their website/Facebook address where their work can be seen.  This request is made to insure that the work to be displayed is of high quality and standards that will reflect the same of our festival.  Festival management reserves the right to use images for educational and promotional purposes including, but not limited to publications, newspapers, television and internet.                                                                                    
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